Pro-Hamas protesters took over a University of Michigan honors convocation ceremony Sunday in an attempt to get the school to stop supporting Israel.

School President Santa Ono began speaking when several students — including some seated behind him on the stage — began holding up signs and chanting:

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“Ono, Ono, you can’t hide, you are funding genocide,” they chanted, as Ono responded, “Thank you.”

Anti-Israel activism has been strong on campus with students demanding the school divest from the Jewish state.

As the chants grew, Ono retreated to his seat.

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“We disrupted the honors convocation at our school as another way to call attention to the ongoing genocide in Gaza and our university’s direct relationship to Israel,” Tarana Sharma, co-director for pro-Hamas Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, told the Detroit News.

“Our Board of Regents has funneled $6 billion from our endowment to Israel and has paid for the murder of over 32,000 Palestinians. They have shown zero accountability. In fact, they continue to target Palestinian students and make examples out of them for simply voicing feelings of frustration, hopelessness, fear, instead of protecting pro-Palestinian students.”

But another student said the stunt “ruined the whole day.”

UM spokeswoman Colleen Mastony told the paper, “Although we support students’ right to protest, such rights are not limitless.

“Disrupting speakers and events is not protected speech and is a clear violation of university policy.”