When Democrat state Reps. Lori Stone and Kevin Coleman ran for mayor of their respective cities last year, a 54-54 tie was created in the House, grinding the Democrats’ far-left agenda to a halt.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is hoping Mai Xiong and Peter Herzberg — the two Democrats running in House Districts 13 and 25, respectively — will restore the Democrats’ majority and allow them to continue passing progressive bills.

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Xiong and Herzberg have vowed to be key votes to allow Democrats to continue their agenda, which includes the Whitmer’s administration program offering a $500 rental subsidy for Michigan residents to house illegal immigrants, dubbed “newcomers.” Whitmer has argued the strategy to grow Michigan’s population hinges on migrants.

Xiong and Herzberg would ensure Democrats would have the votes to grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Republican Ron Singer is facing off against Xiong in District 13, which is centered around Warren, but also includes Clinton Township a small portion of Detroit. It includes zip codes 48088, 48089, 48093, 48205, 48213, and 48234.

Meanwhile, Republican Josh Powell is taking on Herzberg in District 25 which encompasses Westland and Wayne and includes zip codes 48127, 48184, 48185, 48186, and 48188.