Emboldened by the Iranian terrorist attacks on Israel Saturday, Hamas supporters at the University of Michigan vowed an “all-campus strike” Monday.

Protesters took over SpringFest in Ann Arbor Sunday and video footage showed them crashing the stage and taking over the microphone:

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“Tomorrow, we are shutting down this university with an all-campus strike,” one agitator said as others swarmed the field of people on blankets who had been listening to music.

“The national strike was called by the Strike for Gaza Coalition,” he said, before his microphone was cut moments later.

He continued yelling his rant before one person shouted, “Get off the stage!”

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He claimed 90 student organizations are involved in the strike.

“I expect to see all of you striking tomorrow!” he shouted from the stage as some in the crowd shouted back disapprovingly.

Other video showed the malcontents marching through campus and down the street:

Touting signs reading “Free Palestine” and “Long Live the Resistance,” they chanted, “Israel bombs, U of M pays, how many kids have you killed today?”

Many concealed their faces with kifaya scarves and masks.