In her Sunday morning appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press program, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered a confusing response to host Kristen Welker’s question about fetal viability and abortions.

The governor, a staunch supporter of legalized abortion, stumped for the state’s Proposal 3 ballot measure during her reelection campaign in 2022. That proposal passed by nearly 57% of the vote.

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But in her interview with Welker, Whitmer said she was an advocate for returning to the Roe standard, which was in place between 1973 and 2022.

“Should there be any limits on abortion after viability, which usually falls somewhere between 24 to 26 weeks?” Welker asked.

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Whitmer responded: “You know, the Roe standards have that. And that’s precisely what we’ve been fighting for….”

Welker followed up with another question about the viability issue.

“Do you support that, Governor? Just to be clear, you would support some limitations after viability?” the host asked.

“I would support the Roe standard becoming the law of the nation again,” Whitmer told Welker. “That’s exactly where I’m at. I know that’s where most Americans are. But I’ll also share with you, Kristen, I am not a doctor.”

In an interview with The Midwesterner, attorney David Kallman called Whitmer’s embrace of Roe standards for fetal viability a “Trojan Horse” for unfettered abortion access.

“The abortion law that’s now in our constitution allows abortions at any point right up to the moment of birth,” Kallman said. “I think it’s a little disingenuous for her to say I want to reinstate Roe v. Wade when she did exactly the opposite here in Michigan.”

Kallman continued: “If she wanted Roe v. Wade to be the standard she should have opposed the abortion ballot proposal here in Michigan two years ago but she did not.  She was out vocally in favor of it, so you can’t have it both ways.”

Genevieve Marnon is the legislative director for Michigan Right to Life. In a phone interview with The Midwesterner, she noted that Proposal 3 goes well beyond Roe v. Wade.

“Moreover she was dodging the question that was being asked about fetal liability and whether there should be any restrictions,” Marnon said. “If you’ll notice she didn’t actually answer the question. She said I support a Roe standard and what most people don’t understand is that under the Roe standard … you had to allow exceptions.”

Marnon continued: “When Gretchen Whitmer says she supports the Roe standard she supports abortion up to the moment of birth, and this was just before she said that Donald Trump lies when he says that they [Democrats] support abortion up to the point of birth.”

Marnon pointed out the occasions when Whitmer called former President Donald Trump and the Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe liars.

“She used the word liar several times especially with regard to our Supreme Court justices and how they were lying,” she said. “It’s really disingenuous of Gretchen Whitmer because she is an attorney, so she understands how judicial rulings work.… I think it was really harsh of her to say they were lying.”

Marnon pointed out that President Joe Biden is making abortion a key component of his reelection campaign and that Whitmer is co-chair of his bid.

“I think it’s really interesting that she wants Americans to not believe their eyes when they look at their grocery bill, she doesn’t want them to look at the pump at the gas station when they pump gas in their car, she doesn’t want them to look at all of the wars that are going on around the world,” she said.

“Instead she wants them to focus on abortion, abortion, abortion, and that’s what she thinks is going to be the winning message. I hope that Americans will realize that under the Biden administration and under the Whitmer administration their lives are much more difficult economically and that abortion is the only selling point that Whitmer has.”