Michigan’s mainstream media is offering its latest critical commentary on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer following her appearance Saturday at the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit.

“Big Gretch delivers the news, then dons the buffs,” Bob Wojnowski, columnist for The Detroit News, posted to X on Saturday. Wojnowski’s post included another from The Detroit News detailing Whitmer’s announcement Detroit broke the all-time attendance record for the draft with “700,000 and counting.”

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“Detroit doing all the winning this weekend,” Wojnowski wrote.

Another X post from The Detroit News, reposted by the News’ politics editor Chad Livengood: “Can confirm Gretch threw on the Cartis”.

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“It has been a historic week here in the great city of Detroit,” Whitmer told the crowd amid relentless boos on Saturday.

After announcing the attendance record, Whitmer noted the New York Jets traded the team’s 126th pick to the Detroit Lions.

“I’ma put my buffs on to read this,” Whitmer said as she donned a pair of the $3,000 Cartier C Décor sunglasses. “With the 126th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select Giovanni Manu, tackle from British Columbia, Canada.”

Axios’ Sam Robinson was among the first to post the breaking news to X.

“The buffs Gov. Whitmer wore when she announced the Lions fourth round pick this weekend belong to Jabs Gym owner Armond Rashad, who gifted the governor different glasses when she first put on Cartier frames a few years back,” Robinson wrote.

The focus on the governor’s shades harkens back to the media’s kid gloves coverage of Whitmer’s unilateral decisions during the pandemic that resulted in thousands of businesses lost, thousands of loved ones dying alone in nursing homes, and massive learning loss experts predict will take decades to erase.

The infatuation with the governor’s sunglasses began in 2020, when Detroit novelty rapper GMac Cash released a track “Big Gretch” to heap praise on Whitmer for shutting down the state. The accompanying music video featured Whitmer with the iconic Detroit hip-hop shades, and Gmac Cash later raised $2,950 through a GoFundMe campaign to buy the governor her own set.

The effort was heavily covered by The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, MLive, Detroit Metro Times, Deadline Detroit, WDIV, WDET, and others.

Whitmer ultimately turned down the high-dollar glasses, but she did borrow a pair for a video segment at Detroit’s Everybody vs. COVID-19 fest “to show some love to Gmac and Detroit while she introduced him,” spokeswoman Tiffany Brown told the Detroit Free Press.

“These unprecedented times have impacted each of us in different ways, but one thing is clear: The enemy is COVID-19,” Whitmer told the 2020 concert. “Detroit knows this, and has led by example, and I’m deeply inspired by our spirit, collective resilience, courage and resolve to protect our communities.”

It wasn’t until years later that Michigan media began to cover some of the devastating impacts from Whitmer’s pandemic edicts.

While Whitmer traveled to Florida and her husband worked to get his boat out amid the pandemic, the governor shuttered schools and businesses for nearly a year and forced all other “non essential” Michiganders to hide inside.

A February report by researchers at Harvard and Stanford universities showed despite statewide achievement increasing by 7% of a grade level in math and 1% in reading over the last year, full recovery from the pandemic for Michigan’s students could take decades, The Detroit News reports.

“If Michigan continues improving at last year’s rate, full recovery will require five additional years for students to recover in math and decades to recover in reading,” according to the news site.

Though Whitmer now claims she’s “not a doctor,” her medical decisions on behalf of all Michiganders cost the state a quarter of its small- and medium-sized businesses, 81,900 jobs, and stalled the economy for far longer than other states, analysis from Crain’s Detroit Business showed.