A previously deported illegal immigrant who has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault was arrested again in Ann Arbor last month for a 2023 attack.

Miguel Angel Aparicio-Navas, 36, is currently lodged in Washtenaw County Jail on a felony charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct after Ann Arbor police tracked him to an apartment complex near Partridge Path on March 19.

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Police were initially responding to a report of a man attempting to open car doors at the apartment complex, and when they approached Aparicio-Navas, he fled into a nearby pond and attempted to swim away, The Detroit News reports.

Police contend Aparicio-Navas refused to come back and remained submerged in the water up to his neck for several minutes, shivering uncontrollably, before officers removed him from the pond. They identified Aparicio-Navas as a suspect in a Sept. 2023 sexual assault of a 27-year-old woman on Woodbury Drive, as well as a separate 2021 assault, according to CBS News.

Inmate information at the Washtenaw County Jail states Aparicio-Navas remains incarcerated there, with a detainer.

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During a police interview, Aparicio-Navas allegedly admitted to being deported previously, and that he had used an alias in the past to evade authorities.

“He said several years ago he was deported, and he was afraid to get deported again so he would use Fedel but now he is using his real name,” officers wrote in the report.

Aparicio-Navas denied both sex assaults, despite DNA evidence allegedly linking him to both crimes.

The most recent occurred on Sept. 24, 2023 around 3:20 a.m. near Woodbury Road, just west of Frisinger Park, where a 27-year-old woman told police she was attacked from behind while walking home from a night at the bars downtown.

The victim “advised that the subject walked up behind her, wrapped both arms around (her) arms, in a bear hugging manner,” according to the police report.  The victim “advised that the subject lowered his hand and placed his hand on (the victim’s) vagina.”

The victim “advised that the subject touched her vagina on the outside of (her) pants … (and) that the subjects’ hand/fingers did not penetrate her vagina at any point during this unwanted encounter.”

The woman told police she dropped to the ground in an attempt to get away and the subject fled.

Police lifted a DNA sample from the woman’s jeans that led them to Aparicio-Navas, according to the report.

The 2021 case involved similar allegations from a woman at a different Ann Arbor apartment complex where Aparicio-Navas lived at the time.

Aparicio-Navas told police he did not recognize the victim in that case, though he admitted to drinking heavily at the time.

The Ann Arbor incidents are the latest in a series of heinous crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants in Michigan over the last year, an issued highlighted by former President Donald Trump during a stop in Grand Rapids last month.

About two weeks prior, Michigan State Police charged previously deported illegal immigrant Brandon Ortiz-Vite with open murder for the shooting death of Grand Rapids’ Ruby Garcia, 25. Police allege Ortiz-Vite, who was deported by the Trump administration in September 2020 following a string of crimes, shot Garcia multiple times with an illegally purchased firearm before dumping her body alongside U.S. 131 near downtown before fleeing in the woman’s car on March 22.

The murder is the second by an illegal immigrant in Grand Rapids within a year. In May 2023, Luis Bernal-Sosa gunned down the mother of his young child, 22-year-old Leah Gomez, while she was sitting in her car with the child in the back seat.

Other recent crimes allegedly perpetrated by illegal immigrants include soliciting sex from minors in Shiawassee County, and an alleged sex attack on two teen girls at a Sturgis trailer park.

Republican state lawmakers have responded by renewing calls to outlaw sanctuary cities and counties in Michigan, while Democrats have focused instead on offering driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, $500 per month rental vouchers, and millions in spending on “newcomer” programs designed to integrate migrants into Michigan communities.