In remarks made to the press on Monday, Senate Democratic Majority Leader Winnie Brinks declared “sanctuary cities aren’t even a thing.”

The remarks were made the day before former President Donald Trump appeared in Grand Rapids to talk about the growing wave of violence perpetrated by illegal immigration into the U.S.

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Brinks, who hails from Grand Rapids, made her comments after the Center for Immigration Studies removed its sanctuary designation from Kent County after Michigan Democrats pressured the organization to do so after the March 22 murder of Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids by Brandon Ortiz-Vite, a man who returned back into the U.S. after being deported during the Trump administration.

CIS, however, continues to recognize Wayne, Kalamazoo, and Ingham counties with its sanctuary designation.

Michigan Senate Republicans were quick to label Brinks’ remarks as an example of gaslighting, and provided several examples of sanctuary policies in several Michigan major metropolitan areas.

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“It’s not just the two murders that happened recently in Kent County,” Rep. Matt Hall, R-Richland Township told The Midwesterner. Hall was referring to the murders of Garcia and Leah Gomez, who was also killed by an illegal immigrant in Kent County.

“You know you’re continuing to see illegals across the state committing crimes that have come in under open border policies of Joe Biden,” Hall continued.

“We have counties and cities in our state that provide a sanctuary to illegal aliens and those are sanctuary policies,” Hall said. “So the first thing we need to do is [pass] the legislation I introduced nine months ago, which would prohibit counties and cities from having policies that would prohibit or impede law enforcement from interacting with federal law enforcement officials…. [T]here shouldn’t be interference with that or prohibitions on that. People want law enforcement working with our federal immigration authorities.”

In a statement released March 27, Hall also noted: “Rogue politicians in Michigan communities put public safety at even greater risk when they refuse to work with federal officers trying to apprehend illegals,” Hall said. “These sanctuary cities and counties invite proven criminals, like Ruby’s killer, to come where they can hide from deportation even if they’re arrested for another crime. Disastrous sanctuary policies impede the work of federal immigration officials and exacerbate the public safety crisis. We must ban sanctuary cities to protect Michigan residents.”