Just a few months after Gretchen Whitmer denied reports she inked a seven-figure book deal, Michigan’s second-term governor on Friday announced “True Gretch” will be out in July.

“In this moment, our world is thirsty for compassion, empathy, big ideas, and the grit to get sh** done,” Whitmer said. “I hope this book will help you find the good and use it to make a difference. I’ll be doing the same alongside you.”

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The governor, identified as “That woman from Michigan” by former President Donald Trump, is co-chairing President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. She promises “True Gretch” will offer insights into “what I’ve learned about life, leadership and everything in between” when it’s released on July 9.

Whitmer and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, would not reveal the financials involved to The Associated Press, but publishing insiders told Page Six the deal inked in January is in the millions.

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Lisa Roose-Church, reporter for the Michigan Information & Research Service, posted a video to X on Jan. 18 of Whitmer denying the book deal uncovered by Page Six the day prior.

“Don’t believe everything you read on Page Six,” she told the Michigan Advance.

“True Gretch” will include Whitmer’s perspective on navigating the pandemic, her alleged kidnapping plot, and clashes with former President Donald Trump, who derided the “terrible governor” during a stop in Grand Rapids this week.

“We’ve been watching Whitmer carve a hugely successful path in these divisive times, and we are thrilled to be publishing her book,” Mindy Marques, executive editor at Simon & Shuster, said in a statement. “She is the very rare politician who can make change and find humor in politics, and her first book is as unconventional as she is.”

“A well-connected Democratic source” told Page Six “True Gretch” is the first step in what many believe could lead to a presidential nomination in 2028, or sooner if Biden’s health falters.

“If Joe Biden croaked tomorrow, there are … people who would absolutely pave the runway for Gretchen to land in the Oval (Office) in either a presidential or VP role,” the source said. “The (Democratic) Party apparatus really sees her as the future in a way that is less glossy and annoying compared to (California Gov.) Gavin (Newsom.)”

Since she was elected in 2018, Whitmer and her allies in the Legislature have rolled back decades of conservative policies in the Great Lakes State, from right-to-work, to abortion restrictions, to gun rights. Whitmer imposed some of the nation’s most restrictive orders during the pandemic, resulting in the loss of 81,900 jobs, the permanent closure of a quarter of Michigan’s small- and medium-sized businesses, and student learning loss that will take decades to recover.

More recently, the Democratic political agenda in Michigan has focused on providing $500 a month to Michiganders who house immigrants, repealing the state’s parental consent law for abortions, blocking efforts to outlaw sanctuary cities, and awarding driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Whitmer has positioned herself as a national leader in Democrats’ effort to make abortion a central campaign issue, pointing to a successful 2022 ballot referendum that enshrines the right to an abortion into the Michigan Constitution.

The governor’s ultimate goal, she told 19thNews, is for her Michigan policies to go nationwide.

“I’m hopeful that eventually we will have a national codification of abortion rights and that every woman and family and medical provider in this country has clarity that we are all endowed with the same freedoms to make our own decisions about our bodies and our future. That is my hope,” she said. “It’s gonna take a while to get there, which is why I’m so sober about the fact that I’m going to continue to fight for this.”

Much like her book deal denial, Whitmer has waived off questions about her national ambitions, insisting she’s focused on Michigan.

“I am not spending an ounce of energy thinking about anything other than leading the state for the next four years and handing the state over to whomever succeeds me in a stronger position than it is today,” Whitmer told MLive after winning reelection. “That’s going to consume every bit of energy that I have.”

The term-limited governor has since accumulated $2 million for her Fight Like Hell PAC, a fundraising committee that can spend on federal races, including for president or Congress, The Detroit News reports.