Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desperate attempts to be cool hit a wall Saturday when she was booed at the NFL draft.


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A potential replacement for President Joe Biden as the 2024 Democrat nominee for president, Whitmer’s primary focus lately has been growing a social media following by posting videos of herself painting the Lions logo:

Or Beyonce’s new album:

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Or turning herself into a potato:

Whitmer recently landed a major book deal, but declined to reveal the terms to Michiganders, instead skirting the state’s new transparency laws by utilizing a Limited Liability Company for the likely seven-figure windfall.

As Whitmer gets the media to focus on fluff, her record indicates she is managing Michigan’s decline:

  • The state education system has slid from 26th to 31 nationally
  • The EV market is declined as Whitmer has dumped taxpayer dollars into it
  • Whitmer wants to spend $8 million in taxpayer dollars on migrant legal fees
  • The governor’s own administration predicted a 700,000-person decline by 2050