Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is warning in not-so-ambiguous terms that Donald Trump will be another Adolph Hitler if he is elected this November.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough set the stage for Clinton as Germany in 1937, which she said was a really “important point” because the media covers every “utterance” and “every insult” made by Trump.

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Clinton said, “The world has been here before. People did not take the kind of threats that we saw in the 1930s as seriously as they should, including American journalists.”

“A determined demagogue unfortunately supported by members of his political party, other enablers, people who care more about a future tax cut than the sanctity of the Constitution, are falling in line behind him,” adding supporters are “trying to excuse” things Trump does.

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“And I don’t think the press has done enough to basically say, ‘Okay, the circus is here, you can watch the circus. But let’s tell you what that means. Let’s talk to people who have a real understanding of how dictatorships evolve,'” Clinton said.

She added in 2016, there weren’t interviews or a presidential record to judge Trump by.

“Now, we know. We’ve seen him and we’ve heard him,” Clinton said, chastising Trump for apparently indicating he may “jail his political opponents.”

“Maybe this would be our last election,” if Trump wins, Clinton warned MSNBC viewers, adding Trump may demand “he be installed regardless of whether he gets the votes or not.”