Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is working to “Stop Trump” both in and out of the courtroom, most recently by stumping for President Joe Biden in Lansing.

Nessel appeared Tuesday in front of a “Stop Trump” sign at a Lansing coffee shop, where she met with women from Louisiana and Texas to discuss concerns about abortion restrictions since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

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“I don’t know what’s more government overreach than the government deciding they should have a say in your ovulation cycle,” Nessel said, according to WILX. “But that’s what we’re going to get with another Trump administration.”

The “small room of supporters” at Strange Matter Coffee included Amanda Zurawski and Kaitlyn Joshua, who alleged they were denied care during a miscarriage.

“It’s just so clear that in the Trump camp, he wants to control women,” Zurawski said. “And in the Biden administration, they trust women, and they put the decisions for women back in the hands of women.”

The show in Lansing was part of the Biden campaign’s focus on making abortion a top issue, though national polling points to the economy, immigration and government as the “most important problems” for Americans, with abortion the 11th most cited out of 20 top issues, according to Gallup.

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Former President Trump also discussed abortion during a stop in Michigan last week, when he highlighted how the 2022 Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade allowed states to align policy on the divisive issue with the values of residents.

That was evident in Michigan in 2022, when voters approved a ballot referendum to enshrine the “right to reproductive freedom” in the state constitution.

The point is “to take abortion out of the federal government and to move it into the states and let the states make the decision and let the people decide,” Trump said. “After 50 years, we were able to do that and now you’re seeing it done. Some people will be happy, some people will be okay, some people won’t be as happy.”

Nessel is clearly in the third camp, alleging Tuesday that with Trump “really, anything goes when it comes to persecuting women for having the audacity … to reproduce,” Bridge Michigan reports.

Nessel alleged the former president has “no interest in protecting women.”

The AG’s comments come as she’s prosecuting 15 high level Republicans in the state and national party Nessel accuses of forging documents to claim victory for Trump in Michigan in the 2020 presidential election.

Two weeks ago, Nessel investigator Howard Shock named Trump and others in the state and national Republican party as “unindicted co-conspirators” in the alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.

Nessel’s office has since backtracked on Shock’s claims, though the attorney general has not publicly clarified what led to the mistakes made under oath in court on April 24.

Nessel spokeswoman Kim Bush later confirmed in an email to Bridge Michigan that Shock’s comments were not accurate.

The AG’s office considers Laura Cox, a former state lawmaker and wife of former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox labeled a co-conspirator by Shock, “to be a cooperating witness in the case,” Bush wrote.

Cox “has fully cooperated with our staff throughout the course of the investigation and prosecution of this matter,” the email read.

“Howard Shock has not been indicted for stupidity, but he should be,” Cox told the news site.

Others named by Nessel’s investigator as “unindicted co-conspirators” include former Michigan Republican Party legal counsel Stu Sandler, former Michigan House Speaker Tom Leonard, and his wife, Jenell, all of which have pushed back on the claim.

“I stand by the sound legal advice I gave, and these partisan lawfare prosecutions have to stop,” Sandler said. “Why in five years of Dana Nessel are only Republicans the continuing targets of these partisan lawfare prosecutions?”

While Nessel hasn’t responded to that question or others about the bungled prosecution, the “Stop Trump” sign at her Biden campaign talk in Lansing may provide a clue.

Watch her full appearance here: