The number of Chinese migrants crossing the southern border increased nearly 8,000% in the last three years, and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon is concerned Democratic policies are drawing many to Michigan.

Dixon joined Fox & Friends on Friday to discuss President Biden’s border crisis, China’s ongoing efforts to expand influence, and how those issues are playing out in the Great Lakes State.

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More than 27,500 Chinese migrants have illegally crossed the U.S. Southern border so far in fiscal year 2024, a 7,965% increase from the 342 who documented in all of fiscal year 2021.

“Right now, a lot of people are saying Michigan may be the portal to the Chinese coming into the United States,” Dixon said, pointing to a $715 million incentive package Gov. Gretchen Whitmer brokered with the Chinese Communist Party-linked Gotion, Inc. to build an electric vehicle battery plant in Mecosta County.

“Really if you think about it, Gretchen Whitmer has given them money to build a battery plant in the state of Michigan … and they’ve openly said they will bring in Chinese nationals. But now we have these Chinese nationals coming across the border, and there’s great concern they’re going to be coming to the state of Michigan,” she said.

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Dixon highlighted how the Democratic majority in the Michigan Legislature is thwarting efforts by Republicans to ensure tax dollars are not financing America’s enemies, most recently by rejecting amendments during the budget process.

“The Democrats recently voted down a bill that would say if we give taxpayer money to a country of concern, it has to be made public, the taxpayers have to know if their money is going to a country of concern,” Dixon said. “They voted no on that, in the House and the Senate, and that concerns me.

“What are they doing with taxpayer money, they don’t want us to know about?”

Fox News’ Carley Shimkus noted that Democrats in Congress suggest the influx of Chinese migrants is tied to economic ramifications from intense lockdowns during the pandemic, rather than anything nefarious.

“Think about what’s happening as we speak right now. The Russian President Vladimir Putin is in China meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping and they are saying right now it is going to be a new era together,” Dixon said. “They are pledging a new era together and condemning the United States. This is the most dangerous rhetoric we have heard so far from these two countries.

“And let’s not forget right now the United States is supplying weapons against Russia. They have a great motivation to work with China against us,” she said. “China has made it very clear they want to be the world’s superpower and they want to come into the United States.

“They own a massive amount of farmland here. They are now building manufacturing plants in the United States, and Joe Biden make it easier for Chinese nationals to come into the United States.”

Data from the Farm Service Agency shows China had accumulated 349,442 acres of America’s agricultural lands by the end of 2022.

“When in history have you ever seen such a grave threat to a country and yet they leave the door to the country open,” Dixon said. “We don’t leave the door to our shops open. We want to keep our shops safe. We don’t leave the door to our house open.

“How can we not condemn a presidency that allows people to willy-nilly come into the country and have no idea who they are when we have such a grave global threat right now?”