Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party John Moolenaar, R-Mich., this week significantly increased his efforts to block construction of the Gotion plant in Mecosta County as well as tamp down CCP influence in the U.S.

Not only is Moolenaar concerned about CCP influence at Chinese-owned U.S. facilities, he is also expressing grave concerns over what appears to be a growing alliance between the CCP and the Iranian government.

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In a Facebook post on Thursday, the representative stated: “Last year Gotion’s parent company, Gotion High-Tech, hosted an Iranian official to meet with its CEO. I think any country friendly with an enemy of America like Iran is the wrong business partner for our state. I recently sent an email to constituents to see how they felt about Gotion, and the results were clear.”

According to Moolenaar, a survey of constituents found 91 percent of respondents said Gotion “with its ties to the CCP and Iran,” should not be allowed to build in Michigan.

As reported by The Midwesterner last November, a delegation of Islamic Republic of Iran government and business officials met with Gotion officials at the company’s headquarters in China.

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According to former U.S. ambassadors Pete Hoekstra and Joseph Cella, the meeting took place last fall between the delegation and Iran Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade Abbas Aliabadi with Guoxuan/Gotion High-tech, Co., Ltd. CEO Li Zhen in Hefei, People’s Republic of China. Hoekstra and Cella, say the meeting’s purpose was to broaden bilateral trade and cooperation between the two countries.

On Tuesday, Moolenaar and Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-NY, sent a joint letter to U.S. Democrat Attorney General Merrick Garland in which they draw attention to the lobbying activities of the Drone Advocacy Alliance and its funding received from the Communist Chinese drone company DAA Drones. The two lawmakers requested an investigation of the company for violations of the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act by Garland’s Justice Department.

“CCP-controlled drone company DJI is directly facilitating genocidal crimes, arming the Chinese military, and advancing the strategic objectives of the CCP, an adversary that threats U.S. National security,” the duo wrote. “The Drone Advocacy Alliance is facilitating a CCP-led disinformation and propaganda campaign targeting Americans — activity that meets the threshold of political activities as defined under FARA statute and regulations.”

The letter continues: “Not only does DJI directly equip the military of our greatest strategic adversary, improving the capabilities which could one day be used against U.S. service members, they also actively aid the CCP in carrying out genocidal crimes against Uyghurs and other ethnic groups in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.”

Moolenaar has been an outspoken critic of Gotion’s plans to build an electric-vehicle battery components plant in Green Charter Township outside of Big Rapids in Mecosta County. He has been citing environmental concerns for the Muskegon River watershed as well as the proposed plant’s links to the CCP and proximity to a cybersecurity program at Ferris State University in Big Rapids as well as the National Guard base in Grayling.