Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was confronted by pro-Hamas agitators at a southeast Michigan restaurant Saturday during a weekend-long series of tantrums by anti-Israel activists.

Whitmer, a co-chair of Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, was in Ann Arbor for her daughter’s graduation from the University of Michigan, according to her statement as the chaos began.

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“How do you justify genocide?” at least one agitator yelled repeatedly.

“I appreciate you raising your voice in here,” a rattled Whitmer responded as they stood in the waiting area, adding she was “having a graduation meal with my daughter.”

Additional state police troopers could be seen entering the restaurant as the short clip ended.

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It was a scene Whitmer was likely trying to avoid when she canceled an appearance in Dearborn just weeks after Hamas attacked Israel.

Whitmer was scheduled to appear at Bint Iebail Cultural Center in Dearborn Oct. 29, but she altered her plans and declined to show up after an “emergency protest” was announced by a pro-Hamas group called New Generation for Palestine:

The group said Whitmer was “not welcome” in Dearborn, a top Muslim enclave in America, and added the governor’s visit was “facing strong resistance from local residents.”

Whitmer’s office later announced she was canceling her appearance:

Whitmer claimed her attendance “would have distracted” from the charity health clinic’s fundraiser.

“After speaking with the HUDA (Health Unit on Davison Avenue) leadership, we came to a decision together that I should not go,” the governor said.

Whitmer went on to claim she would use the time “to call members of our congressional delegation as we keep working together to bring families stuck in Gaza back home to Michigan.”

Pro-Hamas agitators engaged in a series of tantrums around campus during graduation weekend, including at an event Friday night, and during the commencement ceremony at Michigan Stadium.