News broke Monday afternoon that United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain is under investigation by a court-appointed federal watchdog.

Neil Barofsky was appointed to monitor UAW activities to eliminate corruption in the embattled union, according to the Detroit News. The paper reported Fain and other UAW officials are being investigated for obstructing and interfering with attempts to attain information regarding union activities. Those allegations, if true, would put the UAW in violation of a 2020 consent decree that “averted a full-scale takeover of the UAW by the Justice Department,” according to the News.

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The investigation comes after a year of extreme highs and crushing lows for Fain during his inaugural year as UAW president. He was named one of the Detroit News’ 2024 Michiganians of the Year just last week.

“Arguably the most consequential UAW president since Walter Reuther, labor experts say Fain likely all but solidified a victory. Moving the union from a ‘reactive’ to an ‘offensive and aggressive’ communications strategy, Fain said, has made him a public — and at times sharp-tongued — figure,” according to the News.

Fain led the UAW in a six-week strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis last year that saw the union emerge victorious with a record contracts. An attempt to unionize Volkswagen AG in Tennessee last year was also successful. Last month, however, Mercedes-Benz employees rejected the UAW effort to unionize the German automaker by a 56%-44% vote in what CNN described as “a blow to big UAW push.”

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Barofsky’s investigation is not only another black-eye for the UAW and Fain, it also came the day before President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was found guilty of three felony gun charges related to his drug addiction on Tuesday. Biden briefly appeared on the UAW picket line in Detroit last year, and has made several well-publicized appearances with Fain.

Additionally, Fain has pledged UAW support for Biden’s reelection efforts, although he has been critical of the Biden administration’s push to transition the automotive industry from gasoline-powered cars and trucks to electric vehicles.

Polling since last January, however, shows Biden’s union support is dwindling as blue-collar voters in heavily unionized states such as Michigan are indicating they support Republican Donald. “Trump’s efforts seem to be paying off, polling data shows, as Biden fights against the long-term trends of union members shifting away from Democrats,” according to CNN.

The investigation also comes one year after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation to repeal the state’s union-friendly Right to Work and prevailing-wage laws.