Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon is calling out Democratic lawfare in 2024, juxtaposing the approach with a scripted campaign to shield President Joe Biden from criticism.

Dixon discussed recent developments in the 2024 election with Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla on Monday, when Failla suggested Trump’s legal issues are an effort by Democrats “to do whatever makes life hardest.”

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He continued: “I don’t think this is about the law, I don’t think this is about campaign finance integrity or anything in between,” Failla said, “I just think whatever obstacle will help them handicap the Republican nominee the most.

“Does it read that way in Michigan?”

Dixon agreed, noting Democratic Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is prosecuting 20 high-level Republicans in the Great Lakes State, as well.

“If you flip that and look at what they’re doing with their candidates, they’re trying to make it as easy as possible,” Dixon said. “Everything is scripted, everything is planned. And now they’re talking about having a virtual DNC convention and that they might have Joe Biden accept the nomination virtually.”

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Pressure is mounting from Democrats threatening to withhold support from Biden unless he calls for a permanent ceasefire in Hamas’ war against Israel and halts all military aid to the U.S. ally. The “uncommitted” movement that started with 100,000 Democrats in Michigan’s February primary, has since swelled to more than 500,000 nationwide that plan to send numerous delegates to the August Democratic National Convention in Chicago to protest the president.

Dixon’s comments reference the Democratic National Committee’s decision last week to hold a virtual role call for Biden ahead of the convention, a move the DNC claims is necessary to ensure Biden makes the ballot in Ohio.

The Democratic convention would be the first in eight years, as Democrats held a virtual nomination for Biden amid the pandemic in 2020.

“I mean, they are trying to make sure that no one goes off script,” Dixon told Failla. “I think that Gretchen Whitmer over the weekend was a great example of what happens when things aren’t scripted. You just totally freeze if you’re a Democrat.”

During Sunday’s appearance on CNN, Whitmer conveniently experienced “technical difficulties” when host Dana Bash shifted from questions about Trump to Hunter Biden’s trial for three felony gun charges on which he was found guilty on all three counts.

It was at least the second time Whitmer claimed a so-called sound issue to dodge tough questions. Whitmer previously suffered issues when confronted by Detroit’s Fox 2 about her handling of the pandemic in the days leading up to her 2022 re-election.

“I mean, she gets asked … all about abortion. So you know, she’s like glowing. I mean I don’t know if it was actual glowing, but she definitely was shiny. So she’s glowing about this idea of abortion and how she can talk about contraception,” Dixon said.

“And then Dana Bash goes to, now I want to talk about Hunter Biden,” Dixon continued. “And immediately you watch her eyes that tells you that this was not losing audio because you could see she looks to one side to her assistant like, why am I getting this question?

“And then the guy goes did you lose IFB? And she shoots him a glance that you only give your child when they’re knocking something over in the grocery store.”

Dixon discussed Trump’s potential running mates for vice president, and anticipated efforts from Democrats to discredit them.

“For the most part, I think the choices I’ve heard are solid,” Dixon said. “You’re talking about this is someone who is going to be running with Donald Trump, he’s a big personality. I think you’re going to need somebody who complements that, somebody who is maybe not such a big personality, but also somebody that has that executive experience that can step into the office of the presidency.”