A Ypsilanti Community Middle School coach and hall monitor is under investigation after he was caught on video choking a 14-year-old student last week.

“It make me lose trust in our school system,” the student’s mother, Yolanda Ellis, told WXYZ. “It also made me lose trust in that coach because he was someone Michael looked up to.”

School surveillance video from June 4 shows the unidentified coach approach student Michael Moon from behind as he wound a shirt around both hands. Moments later, the coach wrapped the shirt around the child’s neck from behind, and the two tussled for about 15 seconds before Moon broke free.

“I was angry,” Steve Moon, the boy’s father told the news site.

“They were very close and I was pretty upset,” he said. “I said if he can do that to Michael, I’d like to see him try to do that to me.”

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Moon’s parents immediately filed a complaint about the incident with Ypsilanti Police, who later provided a copy of the video the school refused to release to the family.

Michael told his parents the ordeal started when the coach, who also serves as a hall monitor, took issue with him misbehaving in the hallway and ordered him to do pushups. The video shows Michael attempt to comply, before abandoning the effort and walking past the coach to class.

The coach then pulled Michael out of class, and attacked him in the hallway, video shows.

Ellis said Michael had an existing hand injury, and attempted to explain why he couldn’t do pushups.

Ellis confronted the school principal about the attack.

“He just told me what had happened and he told me that it was the worst thing he had seen and he was thoroughly disgusted with it and the person had been terminated,” she said, according to KPLC.

She demanded the surveillance video, but “they wouldn’t give it to me,” Ellis said.

Michael did not immediately return to school, and no school officials reached out to check on his well-being, his parents told the media.

“I need this man to pay for what he did to my son and that means being fired, losing his job and sitting in jail,” Steve Moon told WXYZ. “I need him to know what he did was wrong.”

The family hired attorney Jordan Vahdat to ensure that happens.

Vahdat said his firm will conduct an independent investigation into the assault, as well as the coach’s history with the school district.

“We will simultaneously watch what the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office does to the school official that assaulted him, and we’re open to having a dialog with the school to make sure this doesn’t happen again, that there’s accountability,” Vahdat said, according to KPLC.

Ypsilanti Police referred questions from ABC News to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office, which did not immediately respond to an inquiry about potential criminal charges.

Ypsilanti Community Schools Superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross issued a statement about the “absolutely unacceptable” incident on Monday.

“Effective immediately, the employee is no longer working at the school district, and is not permitted to enter school property or attend school activities,” the letter read. “We will continue to implement and enforce policies that protect our students and ensure their well-being.”

A letter to parents the same day contends the district is “committed to continuing to fully cooperate with the involved authorities.

“Do to the ongoing nature of this investigation and the involvement of a student, we are unable to provide specific details,” the letter read.