Democrat state Rep. Mai Xiong (Warren) is an Independence Day dud.

The Karen of Summer Grinches took to X to condemn those who light off fireworks to celebrate July 4th, accusing legislators who voted in .

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Xiong, who was elected to the state House in an April special election, said she uses July 4th for “passing out flags and checking in on neighbors”.

She had some choice words for those who celebrate in other ways:

However, as we reflect on our freedoms, it’s crucial to address the unintended consequences that certain festivities, like fireworks, have on our community. Legislation passed by a former State Representative from Roseville has allowed the widespread use of fireworks, creating significant challenges for many. Our veterans, who have bravely served our nation, often find the loud explosions triggering and distressing. Pets, too, suffer from anxiety and fear, while individuals with mental health needs face heightened stress and discomfort during these times.

As individuals elected to serve the people, it is our duty to pass meaningful legislation that improves the quality of life for all Michiganders. Unfortunately, some legislators prioritize boosting private businesses’ profits over the well-being of our most vulnerable population. It is disheartening to see the same former legislator, whose thoughtless actions have led to these issues, now using his influence to undermine our campaign for re-election by supporting a candidate who shares ties with the same ol’ boys’ club and does not reflect the needs of our diverse community.

As your state representative and the incumbent for the 13th House District, I will continue to advocate for policies that prioritize the well-being of all residents, ensuring a safer, more inclusive Michigan,” Xiong said.

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Xiong recently posted a video of herself with Attorney General Dana Nessel at the Warren Pride Parade singing karaoke:

In 2021, she took to X — then Twitter — to rip Barbie for not being inclusive:

“I won’t be buying Barbie dolls for my two girls. No representation whatsoever,” Xiong declared. “@Mattel needs to hire @sunisalee_ to be their spokesperson STAT,” referring to Olympic gold medalist Sunisa Lee.

But just two years later, Xiong was posing as Barbie in an attempt to garner votes during a run for Warren city clerk:

Xiong is now running for re-election.