Michigan’s U.S. House Republican delegation is demanding answers about whether Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has “weaponized” federal tax dollars to “aid and abet President Biden’s reelection campaign.”

“The United States is built upon the principle of free and fair elections but the Biden administration seems to not care about upholding our democracy,” Michigan Republican Congresswoman Lisa McClain told Fox News on Tuesday. “Instead, they’re using the taxpayer-funded (Small Business Administration) to coordinate voter registration with Michigan’s Secretary of State.”

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McClain and all of her Republican colleagues from Michigan signed onto a letter to Benson on Monday led by Texas Republican Rep. Roger Williams, chair of the House Small Business Committee.

The letter highlights 39 of 52 scheduled small business voter registration outreach events in Michigan are set for “counties with the highest populations of demographics targeted by the Democratic National Committee.

“Additionally, 100 percent of the visits to Michigan from the SBA Administrator and Deputy Administrator have taken place in counties with the highest populations of DNC target demographics,” the letter read.

“I will not rest until I get to the bottom of (this),” McClain told Fox News.

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The letter follows a May subpoena Williams sent to the SBA requesting records on a memorandum agreement between the SBA and Benson’s office, which was predicated on a 2021 Biden executive order focused on “promoting access to voting,” Williams wrote.

The Monday letter cites an undercover video of SBA Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman’s chief of staff in April explaining that a voter outreach event in Montana was purposefully designed to “indirectly campaign for Joe Biden.”

The chief of staff was caught on video saying “anytime we go, we try to visit with a member of Congress if they’re a Democrat … because then we can help them get re-elected as well … the White House was like, yes, go. … Don’t invite the other senator because he’s a Republican. And don’t invite the two members of Congress because they’re Republicans.”

The lawmakers want Benson to hold true to her comments that “transparency in government is one of my top priorities” and release documents and information related to the SBA voter outreach by July 22.

They’re also requesting evidence on training, as well as “a list of events which have taken place in districts of Republican members of Congress and indicate whether (Democratic) Senators (Gary) Peters and (Debbie) Stabenow were invited.”

The concerns about the Biden campaign leveraging the SBA in Michigan is part of what appears to be a broader pattern, with other voter outreach coordinated with Benson’s office run through Michigan’s Department of Veterans Affairs sites, and her efforts to court young voters in Democratic strongholds.

On Sunday, Benson was in Highland Park, a city that voted 95.9% for Biden in 2020, to recruit young voters with Black Voters Matter. That visit followed a Roundtable discussion in Detroit, where 94% of voters backed Biden in 2020, do discuss outreach with liberal allies at the Michigan Department of State Collegiate Student Advisory Task Force, NAACP Detroit, League of Women Voters, and APIA Vote.

Suggested ways to improve youth voter turnout included targeting youth voters on social media, distributing voter education in workplaces, promoting early and absentee voting, pumping voter information through youth organizations, and leveraging influences to promote voting, The Center Square reports.

Benson also hosted a simulated primary with the League of Women Voters and the NAACP in May at the McQuiston Learning Center in Battle Creek, another Michigan city that went overwhelmingly to Biden in 2020.

“It’s been incredibly inspiring to connect with the next generation of voters in our state and help them see their power,” Benson told WWMT in Battle Creek.

CNN noted in late April, shortly before Benson issued a report on lagging youth voter turnout, that “young voters are part of Democrats’ natural base of support, but Biden is actually 11 percentage points behind Trump among young voters 18-34 in a head-to-head match in a CNN poll conducted by SSRS.”