Veteran journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Charlie LeDuff has petitioned a Washington D.C. court for legal guardianship of President Joe Biden, citing “obvious cognitive decline, we allege: abuse, neglect, endangerment, and exploitation.”

LeDuff made the announcement Wednesday on X.

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“Joe suffers. We suffer. Somebody needs to step in,” he began, before announcing he was filing the court petition.

LeDuff is officially a co-petitioner. Senior living specialist and former vice president of the Michigan Assisted Living Association Joseph LeBlanc is the affiant and main petitioner.

Holding a copy of the legal document, LeDuff said he and LeBlanc “are asking for guardianship of Joe Biden. It’s official, it must be adjudicated in court, and it’s on its way to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia Probate Division.”

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Biden’s mental and physical acuity was questioned prior to his first presidential race against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, but his noticeable decline since taking office in January 2021 and, especially, his disastrous June 27 debate performance have prompted once staunch supporters to call for him to step aside.

During the debate, the president rambled, stared blankly, and, when he was able to finish statements, had difficulty constructing a cogent response. Biden’s poor debate performance cost him support from fellow Democrats and such publications as The New York Times.

“Joe, you’ve been in this business two decades,” LeDuff told LeBlanc. “I see physical decline. I’m saying he’s being exploited, he’s being endangered, he’s being abused, and he’s being neglected.”

The journalist listed symptoms exhibited by Biden, describing the president as a “vulnerable adult was recently seen appearing extremely confused and at times agitated, seemed to lack orientation, forgetfulness, wandering, slurred speech, frequent falls, … possible incontinence of bladder and bowel, lethargic, unsteady gait, frequent outbursts, dysphasia, aphasia, weight loss, seems easily redirected, likely dementia.”

LeBlanc added that he wouldn’t feel comfortable having someone in Biden’s state sign his own contract if the president entered one of LeBlanc’s senior living facilities.

“It’s a joke, but it’s not funny,” LeDuff said.