United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain believes President Joe Biden’s border crisis is more about billionaires than the flood of folks crossing into the country illegally.

“The threat we face at the border isn’t from the migrants,” the UAW posted to X on July 7, quoting Fain from an included video. “It’s from the billionaires and politicians getting working people to point the finger at one another when, in reality, we’re all on the same side of the war.”

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The comments stem from Fain’s remarks at the union’s National Community Action Program in January in which Fain likened the migrants illegally crossing into the United States to auto workers who legally crossed state lines to work for the Big 3 as UAW members.

“They went somewhere else to find a better life,” he said, according to The Detroit News. “That’s all these people are trying to do.”

In the speech, Fain touted gains in contract negotiations with the Big 3 that included wage hikes, resumed cost-of-living adjustments, and improved retirement packages and other benefits.

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He also promoted the government-forced transition to EVs, despite reports from his own union suggesting the move could cost jobs, The News reports.

Two months after Fain’s comments at the community action program, many of the 539 Stellantis employees laid off as a result of the contract negotiations offered their perspective on his leadership to WDIV during a protest in Detroit.

“Shawn Fain lied to us, and as a result, Stellantis fired us,” Ashley Wilmoth, one of the fired employees, told the news site. “We were all paying union dues and we are not receiving any form of representation from our union apparatus.”

“The company is looking at it as, ‘OK, this is a way to get back some of that money Shawn Fain took from us,” former Stellantis employee Brian Keller said.

Fain’s comments on the border also ignore repeated incidents of illegal immigrants arrested for murdering and molesting Michiganders, and jobs data that shows half of the 15 million jobs created during Biden’s tenure went to illegal immigrants and the vast majority to foreign-born workers.

Regardless, President Biden is a big fan, with the president joining the UAW picket line last year and making several well-publicized appearances with Fain.

“When working people stand united, there isn’t a thing they can’t get done,” Biden said following the Big 3 contract negotiations. “Shawn knows that in his bones.”

Despite the support, a court-appointed monitor tasked with eliminating corruption at the UAW submitted a federal court filing in June accusing Fain and other union officials of obstructing and interfering with his work.

The watchdog, Neil Barofsky, contends the union’s obstruction is an apparent violation of a 2020 consent decree that allowed the UAW to avoid a takeover by the Justice Department, The Detroit News reports.

“With more than three months having passed since the inception of the monitor’s investigation, and only a small fraction of the requested documents produced, the monitor’s assessment is that the union’s delay of relevant documents is obstructing and interfering with his access to information needed for his investigative work, and, if left unaddressed, is an apparent violation of the consent decree,” Barofsky wrote.

Revelations of the investigation came just a week after The News named Fain one of the news site’s 2024 Michiganians of the Year.

At the UAW’s community action program in January, Fain claimed former President Donald Trump “doesn’t care about the American worker, while Biden stood ‘by our side every step of the way’” in 2023.

The UAW then endorsed Biden in late January, the day before Fain admitted to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that “a great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden.”

“The majority of our members are going to vote their paychecks, they’re going to vote for an economy that works for them,” he said.