Kent County ISD asks about 4-year-old preschoolers' 'gender preference'
Intake survey also inquires 'sex assigned at birth'

A West Michigan regional school agency has gone fully woke, asking parents for the "sex assigned at birth" and "gender preference" of their 4-year-old preschool children.

A Cedar Springs parent was recently enrolling her child in the Kent County Intermediate School District "Really Great Start Readiness Program" and was presented with the questions.

"This is messed up," the parent wrote on Facebook Monday, posting a screenshot of the survey.

"This is on the registration for preschool for my 4 year old. FOUR YEARS OLD! Not a teenager or an adult but a preschooler," the parent continued.

"It even has an asterisk which means I’m REQUIRED to answer the question to continue the application. (Only choices are male, female, non-binary)."

"Wtf, This is absolutely ridiculous," a parent wrote in response. "The only other 'thing' she identifies as is someones daughter, sister, friend etc."

"Sooooo….my body my choice…..unless you are a child or fetus?" another wrote. "It’s the parents making this choice for the children. There’s NO way a 4 year old can even understand this, let alone make a decision about it.  Identifying should be defined as pretending."