Michigan Democratic Congresswomen Elissa Slotkin and Hillary Scholten sided with illegal immigrants on Wednesday, voting to ensure they’re counted the same as legal citizens in the decennial census.

Slotkin and Scholten were among all Democrats in the lower chamber who voted against House Resolution 7109, known as the Equal Representation Act, which aims to exclude non-citizens from the population count used to apportion congressional representation and electoral votes in presidential elections.

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The legislation, which was approved by Republicans on a 206-202 party-line vote, would require a citizenship question on the census conducted every 10 years to ensure citizens are fairly represented.

Under current law, the 7.7 million illegal immigrants who have flooded across the southern border since President Biden took office count toward representation in Congress.

“It is common sense that we should count and know how many citizens there are in Michigan and across the country,” Republican Congressman John Moolenaar said in a statement. “Michigan has lost representation in Congress because of failed Democratic policies in Lansing that have driven people out of the state, and because other states are allowed to count large populations of people who are living illegally in their states.”

The nay votes from Michigan Democrats on HR 7109 are not surprising.

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Slotkin, who is running for Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat, has consistently put her support behind open border legislation since voters sent her to Washington in 2019. She voted in favor of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, described by Yahoo! News as “the largest mass-legalization program for undocumented immigrants in U.S. History.”

That plan included an expansion of federal aid to illegal immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, as well.

Other Slotkin votes helped end former President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border, and supported a $2.2 trillion plan that extended $1,500 relief checks to illegal immigrants who used Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers instead of Social Security numbers.

Slotkin also voted in support of House Resolution 6, which The Heritage Foundation claims would provide “amnesty and green cards to millions of illegal immigrants” despite concerns about fraud.

In February, both Slotkin and Scholten, a former immigration attorney, voted against impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for “willful and system refusal to comply with the law” and breach of “the public trust” for uttering “false statements.”

“Hillary Scholten cares more about saving Joe Biden’s Secretary of Open Borders than securing Michiganders and Americans’ safety from terrorists, fentanyl traffickers and criminal illegal immigrants,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Marinella said at the time. “This is just the latest extreme, anti-border security vote from Scholten.”

Scholten’s history of supporting illegal immigration came into focus earlier this year following the murder of Grand Rapids’ Ruby Garcia police believe was committed by Brandon Ortiz-Vite, an illegal immigrant deported during the Trump administration who returned during the Biden administration.

The murder in Scholten’s district prompted criticisms of the freshman congresswoman’s past work defending illegal immigration, which included her attempt to stop the U.S. from deporting an Iraqi refugee charged with child molestation while working as an attorney 2018. Other research showed Scholten co-wrote an article for the St. Louis University School of Law in 2011 that described deportation as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

While the Grand Rapids murder came with a promise from Scholten “to push for bipartisan immigration reform,” Slotkin attempted to downplay the gruesome crime, which allegedly involved Ortiz-Vite shooting Garcia multiple times with an illegally purchased handgun before dumping the woman’s body alongside US 131 and fleeing in her car.

“It’s a terrible, horrible, gruesome death on top of a number of domestic violence incidents we’re having in that area,” Slotkin told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, refusing to acknowledge Ortiz-Vite’s immigration status.